Blogo: a great app, but it’s simplicity is concerning…

As I write this blog, I am using Blogo. So far, it’s really good. It’s a simple 2 steps and boom, you sync your wordpress with it and control your work from different platforms. Nothing gets in the way of you and the virtual paper. It’s smooth, minimalistic and stows away your work rather nicely.

But I fear that this is the problem of Blogo, it’s a bit too simple. All it consists of is a blank page waiting for you to type on it along with a sidebar of a folder containing blogs, a preview of your blog (which crashes quite frequently) and a comments section. It’s too minimal that I’m wondering what’s going on. Where’s all the settings to customise my site? I see a bunch of settings only for blogs.

I feel as if I’ve been misled, isn’t what this was all about? I love it, no doubt about that, for being a good app to allow writing without any distractions but I did expect more. This will still be my primary app for blogging from my iPad.

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