LastPass and 1Password: why using both is way better

(this is outdated and there’s a better post on this, but if you’re here for nostalgia reasons then knock yourself out – Nishat)

Do you know that feeling of excitement when you realise no one can find your bank details because your password manager is encrypted? Me neither. But I do know the feeling of being robbed from your rights when it requires you to pay up when you want to access your password from different platforms.

It’s outright unfair. 1Password allows you to insert a maximum of 20 passwords on a PC as a trial. But LastPass is “infinite”, you just need to pay for using it on another device. There’s a way to bypass these two, but it does require some sacrifices.

If LastPass is best on computer and 1Password is best on iPad, let’s use both of them! Download the software for both devices and benefit from the perks of having 2 encrypted password manager for extra security.

1Password has a simple, clean interface on iOS which is easy to navigate. When signing in on Safari or associated apps, you can quickly access your details directly from the manager and you’re in. Unfortunately, it’s a different story on the PC. I downloaded the software and extension for Chrome but I could only input 20 passwords at the most. That’s peanuts in this day and age. So for this trick, stick with iOS.

LastPass is also a great password manager. It enables more options for free compared to the other one and can automatically change weak or similar passwords for you. It keeps track of your logins and how you can protect yourself to the ultimate level. But this awesomeness is short-lived when you want to use your account on another platform and it completely. Shuts. You. Down. Just use the Chrome extension for the best outcome.

Sure, syncing them is going to be an absolute pain, but at least you can enter them easily. Plus, syncing them manually allows you to implement a routine where you regularly check if your password is safe and sometimes, you’ll even learn them by heart. You can use the features of LastPass’ Vault Challenge to ensure the safety of all of your login details and 1Password’s password generator to the mightiest.



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