Latest Gaming News: Consoles, E3 2016 and new games!

I’m no biased fangirl when it comes to consoles, they both have their ups and downs. I feel that PS4 is built for the gamers whereas the Xbox One is optimised for multimedia, family entertainment. They’ve both established a strong community of hardcore fans but consequently fuelled the console/PC wars, something that I hope will be sorted from cross-platform multiplayer.

But just when I think everything has boiled down, E3 pops up and gives us an insight into the possible next-gen consoles. Well, here comes trouble (and make it double).

Pokémon GO + Nintendo NX:

Before I get onto Sony and Xbox, let’s talk about Nintendo. Their shares have stooped recently due to people’s thoughts of Pokémon GO burning out. The hype is great and all, as it all settles, we’ll see how they intend to maintain their game. Also, did you know that they didn’t make the game? They gave permission to Niantic, who have been apparently working on it for 20 years. Commitment.

Onto their possible new console, the elusive Nintendo NX. Sources state that the NX would be able to perform smoothly at 720p as a portable handheld, sticking to their true roots. Some believe that it would be in the form of a tablet that has 2 controller pads on each end, combining both a Wii U and a 3DS. It can be connected to a home box and run even more buttery-smooth when it is. The ideas are still foggy, and I’m not your no.1 news source, just a dwarf reacting to the news.

What’s even better is that they won’t use CDs, OH HEYALL NAH, THEY USING CARTRIDGES. That would be a revolutionary step back into the oh-so-nostalgic past. I doubt people would complain about that, unless you’re a millennial, because Nintendo is pretty much a retro game company. Absolute legends.

But remember, these are just rumours and so-called leaks so we really haven’t got much confirmation from Nintendo.

E3 2016 + Console lineup – Microsoft and Sony:

Onto the new, Microsoft did amazing at E3 with their console lineups and gameplay of exclusives. They announced the Xbox One Slim, a smaller powerhouse that is able to run 4K at a steady rate. Not only that, they told us about Project Scorpio, another console, coming out a year from now. Microsoft also introduced the Design Lab, the website which gives you the option to make a custom controller with your colours and gamertag slapped on the front. This is genius and I really do hope they live up to the expectations they’ve set.

Plus, they showed us a lot of games coming out soon: Final Fantasy XV, Gears of War 4, Recore and more. Any game that was exclusive to Xbox would be available for Windows 10, opening up the chances to actually “game anywhere”. They crushed the skepticism of even buying an Xbox with that philosophy. Microsoft was on top form. Good job team!

On the other hand, there’s mental mind explosions. Sony hasn’t said a peep about another console. But they didn’t need to, their E3 Panel was all about the exclusive games. They tried a method companies should really consider: screw lectures, watch this. They revealed new games and said that they would remaster the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games! As for the games we’re waiting for like Horizon: Zero Dawn, we got more in-depth gameplay and some release dates. The Last Guardian is going to come out October 26th 2016, this year!

Sony spent 1 hour 10 minutes with constant, back-to-back gameplay, demos and trailers, just what I wanted. I realised I sound biased, I’m sorry I was just taken back by Sony this year.

Sony has something special for us…

While people have a gist of what Nintendo NX is and Xbox has released their whole damn lineup of consoles, why isn’t Sony part of this hype? Oh right, they are.

There have been lots of rumours about the Playstation Neo, or PS4.5 or PS5- whatever it’s called. Most think it will also be able to run at 4K and support Playstation VR. But we’ve heard no official news on it. Nothing has been confirmed by Sony, making it a lot more promising.

You see, Xbox gave us 3 options: Xbox One Slim (coming out very soon), Project Scorpio (next year) or just game on the PC. Giving the gamers the options to choose from is always a big tick in my book, but this makes them a lot more vulnerable.

Sure, the freedom is great for the gamers but not for business. Sony hasn’t said a word to gamers about the future Playstation but now that they’ve seen what their competitors have to give, they probably know what we want. Their current tactic is to keep quiet and vigilant while Microsoft keep blaring out new features of their next consoles.

Sony won’t lose anything from not grabbing attention at this time. They made a good enough mark in E3 with their concise, simple in-and-out job. I have a hunch that Sony will kill it when the time comes.


SIDENOTE: I like how Nintendo just styled their way out of the console war with the NX.


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