Batman The Telltale Series Episode 1: nailed it.

Telltale Games really hit the nail on the head with this game. This is gonna have spoilers, so I’m warning you for your own good.

Who knew Batman would be lost in a mist of questionable family legacy, where the Waynes are the biggest gangsters in Gotham? This 2 hour saga plunges us into smooth QTEs, quick-witted dialogues and catfights.

The game starts off with Batman and his gruffly voice knocking the living hell out of a few robbers attempting to break into a vault. He then finds Catwoman, take a hard drive she stole, gets scratched and then gets shot by your average stupid cop as he was about to take down Catwoman. Thanks Gotham.

The first few minutes antagonises our character, Bruce Wayne (voiced by Troy Baker YASSS), and calls him out as only a human pretending to be a monster. He says that he’s determined to do whatever it takes to save Gotham though he seems more like he does it for the thrill, the adrenaline.

In short, beating up people is Batman’s drugs, making his implications of being the Bat a lot more dark and sinister. I won’t go through the full plot, assuming you know it, but I love this ominous swing around a superhero that’s been around for years. One of Telltale’s many famous traits.

As a player, being Bruce and a vigilante that’s being hunted by the police is hard to balance on a daily basis (especially with what we already know) but everything that was once in equilibrium shatters once he’s accused of making money by false means. Why? Because his parents were affiliated with Falcone, a cliché mob boss with a big organization.

Onto gameplay, there’s nothing I can fault. It’s just classic Telltale controls which are more story-driven than anything else, with those classic technical issues they always face with their engine. The 5-part episodic releases will hopefully reveal a substantial amount of secrets that were hidden from us and Batman.

This review is really over the place, but it’s fine. You can always check IGN’s interpretation.

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