My productive routine (or daily ritual or whatever you call it, i don’t care)

Everyday, I strive to be as productive as I can so when I’m done, I can spend my time enjoying Bloodborne or even the old Crash Bandicoot.

For projects/lists: Trello

A great minimalistic board showing your tasks, ideas and lists. Trello integrates with many other apps (Evernote, Slack etc.) to optimise the workload and generally make things more efficient.

For weekly and daily planning: Bullet Journal

I used to use ToDoist but then came to the realisation that it was too easy and unsatisfying to cross off a task even though you hadn’t done it. It disappeared forever out of sight, and it was pretty unmotivational. But this was my experience, I still do recommend you try it out for yourself.

But turns out using a Bullet Journal was waaaaaaaaaaaaay better, and my prejudices of using it had been

Note-taking awl day err’day: Evernote

This is a no-brainer. Evernote syncs on nearly all platforms as it takes in notes that you have full control over. I’ve used it for general brain farts I want to remember later on or plans for certain things as well as client notes.


Alright well, that’s all I got folks.

Reply or you know, just say hi.

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