I’m Nishat, the author of, if you hadn’t realised. This blog just represents the things I love doing, from gaming to designing to blogging to expressing-opinions-that-no-one-gives-a-damn-about to photography and all the other stuff.

I’m also an expert at giving advice I never take myself.

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Since I got a lot of free space on this page I’ll just put a disclaimer I passionately wrote here.


Some of the products or services I mention may have affiliate links mainly from Amazon, but this in no way affects my opinion nor does it mean it costs extra. I know everyone says that but I’m serious.

Amazon supplies an affiliate link for whatever product I mention, it isn’t limited to certain company. In other words, I can praise or straight up diss a product as much as I want and still get a small commission if you decide to be generous and buy the product via the link I provide.

You’ll know if it’s an affiliate Amazon link if it says ‘’

In the event that some company does approach me and let me review their product/service, I’ll give you a heads up.