Dear Pocket.

Dear Pocket,
I absolutely love your website/app/God-sent-article-saving miracle, and I appreciate that you have a really minimal design to accent the wonderful dark theme that I can enable. I can neatly organise the things I either want to read for later or the things I wish to preserve for later reference, like an article on photography or further understandings on how the brain functions, and it’s amazing.

FACT: This blog’s permanent dark theme was inspired by Pocket’s version (please don’t sue me).

There’s a reason Pocket is widely used, and it’s due to its versatility when it comes to syncing to other platforms, reading offline or simply the ease it has on our eyes. If there’s anything you could change to enhance the experience of reading, it’s this:

1. Highlight quotes for future reference

I love that you can share a selected excerpt from what you read, but if you went one step further and allowed us to highlight the part to save (copying to clipboard would also be nice), that would be a huge gamechanger.

So whenever you return to said article, you can focus on what you previously highlighted. You could also have a board which has all of your saved quotes, like the clippings feature in a Kindle. It’s just a convenience thing and honestly, I’d love it.

2. Redirect tab links to Pocket instead of the original page

Bear with me here, you know how there’s a Pocket’s trending stories on the new tab page on Chrome?

I realised there’s always one Trump-related article in this section. That says a lot about his presidency.

There’s some really good damn articles that I want to read straightaway so I click the title instead of the ‘Save’ button. It redirects me to the original article, where I get bombarded by newsletter and “WHITELIST US ON ADBLOCK OR PAY £1.99” popups left, right and centre.

It’s a pain, especially in the night when I’m accustomed to reading with the dark theme on but instead I get blasted with blue wavelengths that chip away on whatever sleep I had in the first place. This is once again a convenience thing on redirecting articles straight to Pocket over saving it, entering the Pocket website and reading that way.

It would be great to have that in the options page.

That’s it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. No. 1 is something I think is a personal necessity, No. 2 is just a pet peeve really. Other than those little things, you guys are doing a great job. People are seriously missing out if they don’t use it.

If these changes do happen, I’m going to make a freak out blog, and that is a promise.


Best Regards,


A rare decent productivity article appeared!

Okay, yeah. This is a really good article I found, and even if it sounds cheesy because it’s about being more productive, it’s worked for me.

“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.”

— Aristotle

Source: These Habits Will Immediately Improve How You Work — The Mission — Medium

Attack on Titan airing Spring 2017

The crew behind the Attack on Titan anime have confirmed that it will officially air during Spring 2017. Many are disappointed at the thought, and I don’t really blame them. They did say it was meant to premiere early this year and in April but it’s been delayed several times.

Most hardcore fans that I know have resorted to scanning the manga that releases monthly and love to spoil it but some have unlocked the 7th chakra (heh, Avatar joke) within themselves and patiently waited for the day the anime finally releases. You are probably wonder why they are taking so long so I’ll make an unnecessary list to answer that question even though it only consists of 2 points.

1. The plot in the manga needs to progress
In order for the anime to keep on track, the real people behind the manga need to continue the story to see where things are going. The 2 mediums follow story arcs. Season 1 had four story arcs (34 chapters): Fall of Shiganshina, 104th Training Corps, Battle of Trost District and the Female Titan.

The manga has to develop by 3-4 story arcs for the anime to continue, hence the anime premiering in Spring 2017.

2. When it comes out, it’s going to be so worth the wait
Think about it, no one expected Season 1 to be THAT good, I certainly didn’t! If anything, Season 2 is going to be better. More time + more effort = one damn amazing season. Both the visuals and audio was immersive, deeply philosophical and just a representation of a perfect anime. It’s true art!

Armin breaks his legs.gif

you can’t have an article about AOT without having Armin break his legs.

To conclude, don’t worry! Isayama claims that the manga could stretch to 2018, meaning the anime would last up to 75-100 episodes  In other words, we have 3 more seasons to eagerly anticipate, as 1 season is 25 episodes.