2018: Year Of The Gamer’s Broken Wallet

2017 was a pretty good year for games. We got Cuphead, Hellblade, Assassin’s Creed Origins, PUBG and Mario Odyssey. And as the new year dawns upon us, it’s time to reflect upon how empty everyone’s wallet will be.

2018 promises a lot more. Here’s a long-winded list of games being released next year to look forward to:

  • The Wolf Among Us Season 2
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • A Way Out
  • Days Gone
  • Red Dead Redemption 2*
  • God of War 4
  • Metro Exodus
  • Code Vein
  • Spiderman
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • The Walking Dead: Final Season
  • Metal Gear Survive
  • Anthem
  • Shadow of the Colossus Remastered

Everything in bold are my priorities for the year. I know things will go haywire immediately once new games under the radar start popping up.

Right now, I suggest that everyone in the world preorders the Wolf Among Us Season 2, Shadow of the Colossus and Red Dead Redemption 2 as it’s pretty self-explanatory that those are going to be undeniably incredible.

Here’s some links with the best deals for games:

For console games, check out Console Deals.

For PC, there’s a few options:

Have fun uncontrollably splurging your money on games next year.

*don’t keep your hopes up, it’ll probably get delayed.


Nintendo Switch Reveal: Promising, but one BIG game-changer.

So, tons of people got invited to Nintendo’s event which revealed more on the Switch, a tablet-esque console with a docking station and JoyCons, and the upcoming games that will be supported. Honestly, I think Nintendo really hit the nail with this one, but there is one concern that scrapes at the back of pretty much everyone’s head.


…what about the games?


You see there’s so much I love about this concept. The whole modular, portable idea of seamlessly continuing from your TV to a tablet for travelling or just to show off is great. But as with Nintendo’s consoles, there’s not enough substance in terms of games. Sure, you’ve got the Mario games with a side of Pokémon and a lot of other very niche games that I missed out but it’s always put Nintendo on the side.

It’s good not to be included into the console war because you have the freedom of innovation without the risk of another big rig corporation getting in the way, but the games that you see on a PS4 compared to a Nintendo 3DS is more diverse and enticing and I’d pick it any day (unless nostalgia hits). Because there’s all sorts of games: indies, platformers, story, action, FPS etc.

That’s why it’s assuring to see the Switch having more compatible games, working with different companies like Bethesda, Activision, Epic Games and even Telltale dammit (I’m so excited for that one). But I hate to say this, it’s not enough. It’s a start, sure, but they can’t just have Super Mario Odyssey and then attempt to please everyone by throwing in Skyrim and a chance to play N64 games every month with a fee, just like Xbox Games for Gold and PS Plus’ free game system.

We need more games dammit.

In retrospect, it looks like also being the console war is also a good idea because you hunt for game devs to make more exclusives because exclusivity is what is making Sony the belle of the ball in the current console wars. jots idea down for a future blog post

But everything else is fine, though the JoyCons seem shifty af for me as well as the tablet battery but I appreciate the humble thumbsticks being offset.

PS4 Pro + PS4 Slim Announcements: WHAT DID I SAY?

I may or may not have said it in the previous gaming article about E3, but I expected Sony to whisper out a few announcements to keep tension.

On the 7th September, there was a Playstation meeting where they officially released details on two new consoles into the world of gaming. One of such was the PS4 Slim, a smaller console which consists of those 2 “sandwich breads”. Well that’s what I like to call them anyways.

The design, in my opinion, is a little weird but hey, it serves the purpose of being incredibly slim whilst maintaining, if not improving, the performance of the old trusty PS4. I am disappointed that they ditched the light bar though, I thought it looked nice. It’s coming out on the 16th of September. Plus. they’ve kept it simple for gamers on a budget as it has a nice pricetag of only £259.

Image result for PS4 Pro


But for the real deal, the 4K resolution, HDR and 3 sandwich breads, there’s the PS4 Pro. Most hype has circled around this console, which has rather unique design that I don’t really find appealing. It’s basically another sandwich bread above yet 2 pieces of bread. The light bar has found a new home in between one of those slices but I just feel uncomfortable with the official look.

Just looks bulky and one of those 3D renders of what people jokingly think the future consoles would look like. Come on Sony, they were playing you. If I preferred to pick one of the two, I’d choose Slim because it’s small, not too ugly and it’s cheap.

Moving onto controllers, they both have a new redesigned Dualshock 4 for extra convenience. One big aspect for me is the controllers; and if it isn’t up to scratch, I’ll shut you down for it e.g. how Xbox didn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, that was humiliating.

This controller looks good, and there aren’t many obvious differences except the touchpad and the light bar. You can now quickly glance at your controller to check the light bar instead of flipping your hand in an awkward direction just to see if the battery is dying or not. I like that idea, and if games put it to good use (like the light bar turns into a health bar or an ammo centre).

Also, the internals have changed, so it is more sensitive when it comes to tilts and motion.

Overall, they seem promising. The PS4 Slim is out next week whilst the PS4 Pro releases November 10th for £349.

The never-ending battle of games

Though the game medium has existed for a mere 50 years, it’s really made its stand in history with incredible visuals, immersive gameplay and unconventional plots. For the pre-2000 years, that was revolutionary.

But when the first GTA game released, it sparked a lot of controversy due to it’s gory pixelated violence. Games were breaking a wall of moral beliefs; introducing you to “what-if” situations. You had complete control of your choices and that still causes concern about gaming today.

A lot of shocking scenes in games had you question our beliefs, like the “No Russian” chapter in COD. The fact that you had a choice to shoot someone and you did ignited a war between gamers and overprotective mums.

The audacity the developers had to place these graphic scenes caused a decrease in revenue and just fuelled more hatred and discussion whether there should be some rules to regulate these types of games.

The fact that 8 year olds play COD and scream their heads off somehow represents the whole gaming community. It gives a good enough reason for your average white mom to say no and spit hate towards this whole industry.

Yeah, kids shouldn’t be doing that. But it doesn’t mean that you aim for the whole damn art of games. There is a lot more to this art form, the beauty of the soundtracks and visuals define a game, not the players. Penn says it best when he shuts down a bunch of really badly-informed mothers blaming violence on video games.

There are some truly moving games, and despite the graphics and the immersive effect it has on us. People watching gamers think it’s rather immature and just plain stupid. Play something like The Last Of Us, the Uncharted series, Telltale’s Walking Dead series or Red Dead Redemption. Violent games, sure. Emotional games? Hell yeah.

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a good linear story-based game to affect someone, it’s also the little things, like the button mechanics. A game like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (the other versions suck) has really convenient and not too simplified parkour and combat mechanics and it honestly makes the whole game a joy to play.

I mean, the goal in AC is to be stealthy but if you’re playing for the thrill, fighting 10 guards head on will satiate that thirst.

But there’s a lot more beyond the game than just killing, believe me. If you’re skeptical, play one of the games I mentioned above otherwise you can leave now.

Latest Gaming News: Consoles, E3 2016 and new games!

I’m no biased fangirl when it comes to consoles, they both have their ups and downs. I feel that PS4 is built for the gamers whereas the Xbox One is optimised for multimedia, family entertainment. They’ve both established a strong community of hardcore fans but consequently fuelled the console/PC wars, something that I hope will be sorted from cross-platform multiplayer.

But just when I think everything has boiled down, E3 pops up and gives us an insight into the possible next-gen consoles. Well, here comes trouble (and make it double).

Pokémon GO + Nintendo NX:

Before I get onto Sony and Xbox, let’s talk about Nintendo. Their shares have stooped recently due to people’s thoughts of Pokémon GO burning out. The hype is great and all, as it all settles, we’ll see how they intend to maintain their game. Also, did you know that they didn’t make the game? They gave permission to Niantic, who have been apparently working on it for 20 years. Commitment.

Onto their possible new console, the elusive Nintendo NX. Sources state that the NX would be able to perform smoothly at 720p as a portable handheld, sticking to their true roots. Some believe that it would be in the form of a tablet that has 2 controller pads on each end, combining both a Wii U and a 3DS. It can be connected to a home box and run even more buttery-smooth when it is. The ideas are still foggy, and I’m not your no.1 news source, just a dwarf reacting to the news.

What’s even better is that they won’t use CDs, OH HEYALL NAH, THEY USING CARTRIDGES. That would be a revolutionary step back into the oh-so-nostalgic past. I doubt people would complain about that, unless you’re a millennial, because Nintendo is pretty much a retro game company. Absolute legends.

But remember, these are just rumours and so-called leaks so we really haven’t got much confirmation from Nintendo.

E3 2016 + Console lineup – Microsoft and Sony:

Onto the new, Microsoft did amazing at E3 with their console lineups and gameplay of exclusives. They announced the Xbox One Slim, a smaller powerhouse that is able to run 4K at a steady rate. Not only that, they told us about Project Scorpio, another console, coming out a year from now. Microsoft also introduced the Design Lab, the website which gives you the option to make a custom controller with your colours and gamertag slapped on the front. This is genius and I really do hope they live up to the expectations they’ve set.

Plus, they showed us a lot of games coming out soon: Final Fantasy XV, Gears of War 4, Recore and more. Any game that was exclusive to Xbox would be available for Windows 10, opening up the chances to actually “game anywhere”. They crushed the skepticism of even buying an Xbox with that philosophy. Microsoft was on top form. Good job team!

On the other hand, there’s mental mind explosions. Sony hasn’t said a peep about another console. But they didn’t need to, their E3 Panel was all about the exclusive games. They tried a method companies should really consider: screw lectures, watch this. They revealed new games and said that they would remaster the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games! As for the games we’re waiting for like Horizon: Zero Dawn, we got more in-depth gameplay and some release dates. The Last Guardian is going to come out October 26th 2016, this year!

Sony spent 1 hour 10 minutes with constant, back-to-back gameplay, demos and trailers, just what I wanted. I realised I sound biased, I’m sorry I was just taken back by Sony this year.

Sony has something special for us…

While people have a gist of what Nintendo NX is and Xbox has released their whole damn lineup of consoles, why isn’t Sony part of this hype? Oh right, they are.

There have been lots of rumours about the Playstation Neo, or PS4.5 or PS5- whatever it’s called. Most think it will also be able to run at 4K and support Playstation VR. But we’ve heard no official news on it. Nothing has been confirmed by Sony, making it a lot more promising.

You see, Xbox gave us 3 options: Xbox One Slim (coming out very soon), Project Scorpio (next year) or just game on the PC. Giving the gamers the options to choose from is always a big tick in my book, but this makes them a lot more vulnerable.

Sure, the freedom is great for the gamers but not for business. Sony hasn’t said a word to gamers about the future Playstation but now that they’ve seen what their competitors have to give, they probably know what we want. Their current tactic is to keep quiet and vigilant while Microsoft keep blaring out new features of their next consoles.

Sony won’t lose anything from not grabbing attention at this time. They made a good enough mark in E3 with their concise, simple in-and-out job. I have a hunch that Sony will kill it when the time comes.


SIDENOTE: I like how Nintendo just styled their way out of the console war with the NX.


Nintendo is our saviour.

So, Britain left the EU. The media is brainwashing everyone, as you do, and the world has gone mental. But far away, there’s a beacon of hope shining from Nintendo HQ. A ray of light and future utopia. They did it. The power of Pokémon prevailed.

I’m sure that you know of Pokémon GO as it’s now a universal meme that’s circling worldwide. It’s taken the world by storm, especially when budding trainers find dead bodies when looking for a Squirtle. In short, it’s a free-to-play augmented reality game where you go around and look for Pokémons. You can find them based on their element, so water Pokémons would be in water and grass ones in the grass. I’m just worried about where you find ghost Pokémons.

But aside from the injuries sustained from playing the game, it’s really smart. I can even make a bullet point list on it.

  • encourages travelling and exercise
  • makes people reminisce about their childhood
  • makes people feel old straight after
  • shows the world the right way to socialise
  • plus, business is booming because there’s a Blastoise in the warehouse


I’m glad I existed the same time Pokemon GO did because now the world is a bit more better. Nintendo made people socialise without their phones being the middle man (or woman) but being a guide to a more friendly America, and hopefully a more friendly world.