New camera bag!

So recently, I bought the Lowepro Stealth Reporter D100 AW and to be honest, there were better choices – like the Tenba DNA 8 (should have got that one dammit). But to think optimistically, I think it’s best, especially being my first ever camera bag, to have the bag with flaws because when I get a better one because then, boom. You can tell the difference distinctly.

That’s really all I had to say. You can continue with your lives now. (review coming up soon!)

Photography = time + money

Photography is a really expensive hobby that you have to invest tons of hours into. I feel that people underestimate that, and aren’t prepared to go through those hardships. But then again, I don’t blame them. There is work, school, family basically life smacking you in the face. It sucks, and I don’t think you could ever claim yourself to be a true photographer because there are no standards like that (in my opinion).

Even the simplest of things can spiral out of control, like getting a good camera bag.

sees a really nice bag, finds out it’s £140. oh well. nevermind.

The Photographer’s Pouch from Photojojo: a nifty little thing but is it worth it?

The Photographer’s Pouch is made by Photojojo in the US of A. But it can get shipped internationally for quite a bit of a fee. It was designed by Will Kortum to make life a little easier for us. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The pros? It’s fits a lot of accessories. The size is perfect and wasn’t expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. It’s flexible enough to hold a lot without bulking up your bag, making it as light and compact as they claimed. I was able to fit 2 batteries (NP-FW50), a Hoya UV Filter, a Spudz microfibre cloth, a 2GB SanDisk (biggest mistake I ever made) and a compact flash for the NEX with enough space to include a filter.

Sourced from: Photojojo

Surprisingly enough, it left quite a small footprint with a little effort. You even have enough space to slide in a lens cap between the strap and boom, never lose them again.

The cons? The velcro at the back was one of the main selling points, but only works with certain camera bags. One of such would be the Billingham Hadley Pro, which already comes at a hefty price. Also, it’s $15. There are some alternatives out there on Amazon which can also serve the same function.

I recommend still buying this as it’s supplied by a trustworthy company. It’s true when they say you shouldn’t invest in gear that is sold by 1st parties as that only bumps up the price, but Photojojo is based on accessories and aren’t really like that.

it’s like the smiggle of photography

They’re a company based off of California and are dedicated towards photography, they have their own blog too! But it’s a really nice community that they’ve established. I even got a little “Stow-away-a-saurus” along with the package.

So at the end of the day, it is something that you should get once you’ve got your gear down. It’s compact, light and a nifty little thing.

Making a cheap, DIY mini photo studio

I’m currently in the middle of making a review for a product. Being me, I thought it would be fun to make my own professional shots with a little handiwork and Photoshop. It’s really nice to do things with your own hands for once, so I suggest you try it as well.

I would do a step-by-step tutorial, but I suck at that stuff. So just watch this section from Buzzfeed. You don’t need to get a clamp light or an X-Acto knife thingy, just get your everyday fluorescent light/torch and a box knife.

Start from 0:51 seconds in and then enjoy.



Newmowa Battery Charger Review: An absolute necessity

Cameras require batteries to run, if you hadn’t noticed. Unfortunately, not many battery chargers are supplied, like Sony and their mirrorless series. I found the perfect solution, and perfect upgrade.

The Newmowa Dual Battery Charger consists of a 2-port station with a long Micro-USB. It’s a simple as a plug-and-play onto your laptop or powerbank. Probably one of my favourite features is the subtle light that shines green when it’s filled up to 100%. But it’s SO EASY, even the click of inserting 2 camera batteries is satisfying.

way too simple for us complex beings.

The only problem would be that it takes a few seconds for the lights appear and show that it’s charging up. Though I don’t have any exact measurements, it charges up quick from my experience. Do you know what’s even better? It’s available for several batteries (I picked up the NP-FW50) and it’s only £7.99!

Overall, it’s a great addition to your photography gear. It’s nothing flashy but it’s the unsung hero that got yo’ back. A true lifesaver for the everyday photographer, a robbery in broad daylight.

On the hunt for a damn good camera bag

Image result for nex 5r


I got my Sony NEX 5R in January, and took well over 1,000 photos. Even if it’s been out for 5 years, I think I snatched possibly the best camera for me. It’s an MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) and it’s been my trusty weapon when it comes to photography.

Here’s the problem: there’s no good, cheap camera bag for the NEX. I’ve scoured the depths of the internet but the only recommendation is the Tamrac Jazz Messenger 2. It looks great but the padding is thin and rather questionable (according to Amazon reviews).

I want a messenger bag that looks good but isn’t asking to get mugged. Also, padding and the interior is crucial because I want to put my camera, accessories (flash, cleaning kit, buttloads of batteries etc.) and my lunch in it so it removes the need to carry 2 bags. And believe me when I say that tuna and cameras don’t mix.

Oh, I should probably add that I live in Britain, so it has to be waterproof.

The only bag I think would be great is the AmazonBasics DSLR Messenger Bag. It’s small, cheap, got removable dividers and has lots of space to put the extras. I’m not entirely sure if it can hold up against the rain, or if it’s too big for my camera. Well, I guess the hunt for a good camera bag continues.