I’m Nishat Blagh, the author of, if you hadn’t realised. This blog just represents the things I love doing, from gaming to blogging to opinions to photography to whatever-looks-good.

It’s not usual for a tiny dwarf in PJs with ketchup stains to climb onto the chair and type endlessly. Then again, it’s not usual for a former WWE Wrestler like Trump to run become President. But I’m not loaded or tanned, just small.

Hey Nishat, why gaming?

My love for gaming started when I was young and covered with chickenpox whilst playing Street Fighter on the PS2. It was a great yet needless to say painful time, with blisters all over my thumb. My collection grew to Final Fantasy XII, Crash Bandicoot and WWE – a rather broad arsenal of games at my disposal. But I declared my true love quite late as I was playing through one of my favourite games ever, Red Dead Redemption.

After that epiphany, I played all the free games available on Games for Gold on the Xbox 360 up to this date. However, I have to emulate the true retro classics (which sucks because you don’t get the same experience as people did before). I’m hoping to get a PS4 and get more into the gaming world then.

Why do you love photography so much?

Photography. Aaahh, it’s so satisfying to shoot with a better camera after my horrible experiences, but they are experiences nonetheless so they helped me improve. I used to blast ‘dem shots with my Mum’s LG KU990 camera-phone and I loved it. Then I upgraded to a Vivitar Vivicam thanks to an amazing uncle. I took some memorable shots but it just died on me without any particular good reason except old age.

I used to be the “host” of competitive TV shows that we watched. Good times.

Then came the drought. I spent several years without anything except those disposable cameras where you had to spin the wheel then pop the flash up to take a photo. I decided I needed a better one so I got the Nikon Coolpix L29. It performed well, but battery life lasted 10 minutes at most and the flash always fired for some reason.

This January, I got a Sony NEX 5R and it was probably the best investment this decade. I’ve taken photography a lot more seriously now. It’s helped me reach out of my comfort zone and try new things, as well as know what reliable gear is. I can appreciate the little things in the design or production of things, as well as know what’s good and bad in photography.

My future plans

I want to reach out of my comfort zone so I set up this blog. I’m hoping to soon self-host my own website as well, and then introduce my graphic designing skills (which I want to take seriously) and YouTube wisdom (which I’ll never take seriously) into the ballpark. Maybe make a digital portfolio that isn’t embarrassing and become fully self-sufficient.

My travels!

This is a map of everywhere I’ve been, and I’ll forever keep on updating it.