Blog Maintenance!

Hey there. If you’ve seen my blog recently, you see 2 portfolios. One called ‘Projects!’ and the other called ‘Reviews’. They sound nice and all, but they have the same posts although it is meant to be different.

I am still in the progress of fixing this, bear with me, though I doubt it affects you very much.

Also, I have placed a Social Menu underneath the main menu. They consist of my YouTube, Flickr and Synergie Twitter account. You can have a sneak peek of some of my Flickr pictures at the bottom of my posts and pages.

So far, I’m liking the dark Blask Theme over the light version. Therefore I’m sticking with it. Any updates would be on the hypothetical cool portfolio I have fixed eventually and in the blog.

Until the next update: See ya!
– Nishat

UPDATE – 1st August: I’ve separated the reviews from the projects so the portfolios should look better. I’m just patching a few things up to make everything look cleaner. Thanks Kathryn and Siobhyb!

2nd UPDATE – 15th January: This theme, despite the aesthetics, isn’t going to cut it out for me. Every page has an awkward amount of space on the right. Considering a new look, so look out for some experimentation. I wanted this blog to have be a never ending scroll of self-indulgent opinions and reviews, and although the Blask theme does do so, it is a lot more limiting.

Note to self, and you: Use Blask Theme for portfolios in graphic designing and photography, not blogs. Also, happy birthday Mum!

3rd UPDATE – 5 minutes after the 2nd one: I found a really nice theme which actually uses up the space in the home section. The 2 portfolios still look horrible, but with some consistency and grunt work, we can definitely get it done.

Also, see the little icon on the left of your tab? That’s new too!



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