On the hunt for a damn good camera bag

I got my Sony NEX 5R in January, and took well over 1,000 photos. Even if it’s been out for 5 years, I think I snatched possibly the best camera for me. It’s an MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) and it’s been my trusty weapon when it comes to photography.

Here’s the problem: there’s no good, cheap camera bag for the NEX. I’ve scoured the depths of the internet but the only recommendation is the Tamrac Jazz Messenger 2. It looks great but the padding is thin and rather questionable (according to Amazon reviews).

I want a messenger bag that looks good but isn’t asking to get mugged. Also, padding and the interior is crucial because I want to put my camera, accessories (flash, cleaning kit, buttloads of batteries etc.) and my lunch in it so it removes the need to carry 2 bags. And believe me when I say that tuna and cameras don’t mix.

Oh, I should probably add that I live in Britain, so it has to be waterproof.

The only bag I think would be great is the AmazonBasics DSLR Bag. It’s small, cheap, got removable dividers and has lots of space to put the extras. I’m not entirely sure if it can hold up against the rain, or if it’s too big for my camera. Well, I guess the hunt for a good camera bag continues. I’ll keep you posted both on the blog and on this portfolio.

UPDATE: I think that the AmazonBasics is the best contender, so I’m probably going to buy that.



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