Ever since March 2016, Flickr’s greatest features were only available if you paid. The incredible Auto-Uploadr is gone, and I still damn miss it.

This certainly was a business move, to accentuate the portrayal of Flickr being a photographer’s hipster social network, not a backup to dump memes in. I see their point, but a hobbyist like me and my brother just can’t be bothered to spend £57.72 (during time of writing this blog) annually. And if you’re giving us 1TB of free storage, I’m sure people will still be committed to upload junk there – whatever clears up their phone at least.

Auto-Uploadr was such a huge convenience to us, and even though we have fast internet, the web upload tool is such a pain in the *** and it’s almost as if they purposefully did this to entice us to pay.

That’s why I’m enraged, because I’m trying to put up some of my best work and this uploader is screwing things up for me. It’s either the photos timing out, or the upload bar not moving a single inch for hours.

I’ve literally waited a whole weekend for just 1 batch to upload. I’M SICK OF THESE DAMN STRATEGIC MONEY-MAKING MOVES ON THIS DAMN WEBSITE. Get it together Flickr.


August: the time to get things done. I have a whole list of things I want to do but have never had the clock ticking on my side. Now it is, and I’ve got to get a lot done.

I have organised my tasks by separating them into either hobby-related or priorities. So far, that big list of jobs is gradually deteriorating and leaving no trace of worry behind. After a few more days, Nishat will be a free elf as she can sell those stupid games she hates, she can play whatever games she hasn’t finished (like Final Fantasy XII) and go around taking photos all in the next few weeks!

Although, life gets in the way. Responsibility tends to throw me off from a cliff into procrastination whilst I was happily trekking to ultimate relaxation. I can’t just relax because I have to do those normal everyday tasks that wouldn’t be so difficult if it wasn’t for people breathing down my neck.

People is what I don’t need.

One whole month of being all by myself, or a pet, would be incredible. I’d curl up with a good book whilst sipping Moroccan mint tea in my living room. I’d explore the depths of beauty in nature with my camera and maybe write an article about anything for The Guardian. Just the thought of it makes me smile, I hope heaven is like that.

August is a time of mixed feelings. Where responsibilty overrides my chances of getting things done, though I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. I go through I lot of mental hell that is self-inflicted and harsh, so I’m trying a new outlook. I want to find a goal in life; a reason towards why I have to earn a degree, get a job and just do what I’m doing now. My goal is just happiness. This month will just help me push further to reach that.