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The stupid reality of terrorism.

Hearing the recent news on terrorism has really been a shock to everyone, and I think I’ve rejected this thought because it’s genuinely just atrocious but this is all nothing more than killing. This is the brief.

  1. Terrorism is stupid
  2. Being tougher on terrorism is practically impossible
  3. Terrorism won’t stop.

I’ll go through these points clearly with structured paragraphs that will definitely not turn into a rant.

1. Terrorism is stupid

Hell yes it is. Think about it you radicalised idiots, you’re slaughtering innocent lives of people you never knew, people who had families, lifelong plans and the same raw human emotions you once had, and you destroyed that for what?

Nothing. That was worth nothing.

Islam has nothing to do with this either, Islam doesn’t promote this. Islam doesn’t permit the butchering of unarmed harmless people. You’re just being a self-righteous monster killing people that did nothing to you. Thinking your life is superior or worth more than someone else’s is disgusting, no human can ever determine another’s death.

Also, people kill so they can make a change to the world? wooooow, real smart there. I doubt you would be making a very good impression on yourself.

2. Being “tougher” on terrorism is practically impossible

Look Theresa, ISIS is causing quite the havoc. Cracking down on immigration and making international contact difficult is not gonna cut it. The only physical form of ISIS are the incredibly stupid mislead self-righteous idiots in Syria right now, but in the Western world? Well, it’s a movement.

Anyone can really “join” as there isn’t any formal structure behind it. Not that we know of. Literally anybody can run into the streets and yell whatever misguided preach they want, as long as they attract attention by killing others. There can be groups of people either connected by family, work, friends, a community or just one person. Anyone can do it, and the people who recruit I believe are found worldwide, not just Syria.

(Please do tell me if I’m wrong, I’ve just personally seen nothing that proves otherwise.)

So whilst people from abroad may be an issue, I believe we are slightly prejudiced here. There are issues within this country with those who suddenly change their ways, and we must prioritise looking more into that. And if you think about it, it’s stupid because they believe they have a message for the greater good, but they’re not really reminding us are they?

ISIS definitely exists. It’s just impossible to tackle because it’s not just a bunch of idiots in Syria, there’s people everywhere being radicalised like this.

3. Terrorism won’t stop.

It really won’t. Anyone can do it, they might do it because they think they’ll die a martyr and do it for the greater good. Some may do it because they think it’s the right thing. Some just want to conquer the world with their opinion. Some think they’re the right ones and others who don’t agree die. Some just think that scaring the authorities must mean that it is for good reason, like the Suffragettes or something. Though that’s highly unlikely.

It’s just stupid. And it’s become so normalised that any idiot can do it, regardless of the lost lives.

At this point I’m incredibly depressed thinking about the why of terrorism. But know this: fear never works, it only fires up Trump, and it only ward people away. So try it. We’ll be 4 steps ahead of you.


(apologies for any atrocious grammar or repetitive of the word stupid, it’s late at night and I get really passionate for some reason in the night – Nishat)