The end of the year and the final season to a hellish 2016. We don’t have much long until 2017, and I’m rather glad it’s (nearly) all over.

2016 was the year Britain decided to leave the EU, Trump became President of the USA and…

We’ve also lost the many legends along the way: Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali and Castro. Then things like musically and fake-as-hell challenges began to terrorise us (although the Running Man Challenge is an exception).

In short, 2016 was pretty much a year of destruction, soon to affect the future generations.

On a personal level, 2016 was a hard uppercut to the chin shin shoryuken executed by Ken, followed by a few painful hadoukens and a finishing tatsumaki senpukyaku both mastered by Ryu and Akuma. Rykuma. If you don’t get those references, you’re what’s wrong with this world.

Last year, I watched a surprising turn of events that coincidentally foreshadowed the mental beating I would get this year. This robot right here became self-aware therefore, anxious. All whilst working hard to make money because, according to this world, that’s what really matters. shakes fist at the world 

But you know what? This year was a true message. 2016 is telling we need to get prepared for the next few chaotic years whilst we suffer an apocalypse affecting everything socially, politically, economically and (more importantly) environmentally.

Before I enlighten you with possibly the most upsetting news, here are some of my favourite memes.

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new bubble wrap is being made, except it doesn’t pop. Let that sink in.